The Breaker: Transforming obstacles into gateways

images“The one who breaks open will come up before them; they will break out, pass through the gate, and go out by it. Their king will pass before them, with the Lord at their head.” Micah 2:13

God is in the business of transforming obstacles into gateways. The Breaker, Jesus Christ, makes this transformation possible. His Blood serve as the door, or gateway, through which we pass out of sin and death into His kingdom of light and life. When we feel hindered or obstructed in an area of our life, we can trust that the Breaker has a plan. As we pray, we can ask God to show us His will for that specific situation. As we then begin to pray for His kingdom to come and His will to be done, He goes about the business of transforming those hindrances into gateways. Jesus goes before us, and we follow His lead. Don’t assume that those walls and barriers are permanent. He is in the transformation business!  May the Breaker grant you breakthrough in your areas of challenge and adversity!

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