PASSION Is Not a Dirty Word!


Passion has acquired a somewhat negative connotation in our culture.  It is a word used to describe an excess of emotion directed at a specific object, person, or issue.  However, if I could give you ONE thing, it would be passion.  In an age of indifference, passivity, numbness, self-indulgence, and de-sensitization to the things that should stir our hearts, GOD Himself longs for you to receive His passion.  God is passionate about YOU!  He is passionate about the ones He loves, and that includes you and me!  The Holy Spirit desires to imbue us with passion for God and for the things that He is passionate about.

The question is:  are we willing to be gloriously, irrevocably disturbed from our preferred status quo?  Will we give God permission to overwhelm us? — or do we prefer to keep Him in check and allow Him to take over only when we find ourselves in a desperate position?

If I could impart to my children one, and only one, quality to inherit — I would choose to give them an eternal passion for Jesus.  I would gladly pour it into them to overflowing.  Nothing else in life really matters, and nothing else will make a permanent difference in the course of their lives.  However, God Himself is the Source of that passion — it didn’t originate in my heart.  He gave it to me when He gave me Himself.  I will be forever grateful!  My children may hunger for what they see in me in this regard, but they must ask the Lord for it themselves!  He is their Source, not I.  He is their inheritance and their reward, as well as mine.

Do you yearn to discover who you are?  Are you on a quest to find the real you?  I can assure you that you will never truly “find yourself” until you allow the great “I AM” to invade your heart.  When you get to know Him and give Him full permission — free rein — to do with you whatever He wishes, you will discover your true self, the self that is more delightful than any other version of yourself that you could invent on your own.  I know that from experience, as I spent years trying to be somebody other than myself, somebody better than myself, somebody more acceptable than myself — and I ended up only despising myself more as the years wore on.  Jesus set me free from my own fruitless quest for self-discovery.  I AM is now in charge of who I am.   What a relief!

I pray that the Lord Himself will meet you in the place of your deepest insecurity.  He loves you and longs to fill you with passion for Himself — a passion that never dies, a passion that brings with it inexplicable joy.  Jesus is not just the ticket to a reserved seat in heaven — He is our life NOW.  He longs to flood you with His living water NOW.  He alone is your life, your hopes, your dreams, your destiny, your very breath!  He is passionate about you and wants to fill you with passion for Himself.  Dare Him to do just that!

“He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”  John 7:38

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