Hypothetical Sacrifice

A song by Jeremy Riddle entitled “What Can I Bring” has been on my mind all week.  For me, the most riveting part of the song is the little bridge section.  The words are as follows:  “Had I riches, I would bring them.  Had I kingdoms, I would lose them.  Had I the world, too small a gift would it be for You.” Years ago, when I first heard this song, that refrain gripped my heart and has continued to grip my heart ever since.   I viewed it as a promise to God that I would be willing to give Him everything of value that I have, IF I ever were to have those things.   The mere consideration of  the impact of that declaration would bring me to tears as I sang the song.   I was certain I would be willing to give God everything, absolutely everything, if only I had it.

Suddenly, this week, as I was preparing to use that song in a worship set for a meeting, a bit of incisive revelation dropped into my soul:   I DO have riches; I DO have kingdoms; I already have far more of this world in me than is healthy.   Am I willing to completely surrender those precious things to Jesus?   If I am honest with myself, I already have an abundance of riches:  I have a jewel of a husband, five children who are treasures to me, an extended family I cherish, and friends I hold dear — not to mention books to read, a home, a clean bed, food in the pantry, and innumerable material goods that have no real eternal value but which make life pleasant.  I get concerned about the people I love and occasionally allow my thoughts to follow pit-in-the-stomach kind of thinking that borders on unholy worry.  Although I prefer not to admit it, I DO have “kingdoms” over which I attempt to rule:  my overloaded schedule, my authority to make decisions for myself in certain areas of my life, and my own abilities in specific realms I regard as “my” areas of expertise.  Regarding “the world,”  I am probably more steeped in the trappings of this world than I am willing to recognize. 

The truth is, Jesus wants us to give him the riches we already have!   He is not asking us to give Him something we do NOT have.   He wants me to yield to Him every concern about my children, my husband, and all the people I hold close to my heart.  He longs for me to offer Him my schedule, my plans, my dreams, and every area I think I “rule.”   He desires to continue to purge me of the baggage of this world that profits nothing.  Revelation 2:4 states that He wants to be our FIRST love:  “Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.”

Father, I do bring You my riches, my kingdoms, and the pieces of the world I cling to, and I choose to offer them to You.   However, I need YOU to empower me to actually release them to You, as sometimes I grip them too tightly!  You are eminently faithful to work Your purposes in me; help me to trust You with all “my” riches, kingdoms, and all the things of this world, and help me to make them Yours!  “But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Matthew 6:33)  God is a far better steward of riches, kingdoms, and the world than we could ever be!

Father, I have riches; I will bring them!  I have kingdoms, I will lose them!  I have the world — too small a gift even THAT is for You! 

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