Circus in My Head

imagesLPL28SA8When I sit in silence, listening for God, the circus in my head distracts me. Can you relate? My circus is much larger than the famous “3-ring Circus”.  Here’s what’s happening in my circus rings: doubt, to-do-list, stress, family, health issues, guilt, groceries, “did I wash my hair?”, denial, and the list keeps on going, surpassing the “Energizer Bunny”.  It’s no wonder I don’t hear God!! There’s too much noise! I’m working on quieting the din. I want to hear God’s gentle whispers of guidance and love.


Even writing this, I am disrupted by the inconsequential chatter of my brain. Our busy society makes it too easy to be a multi-tasker. Social media, tablets, movies, television-in every room, and cell phones keep us connected regardless of our geographic locale.  Which do you do first: pray and read your Bible? OR check social media?


I am challenging myself to STOP the circus. I want to give the Master of the Universe my full attention. To turn off the television, music, games, phones and sit quietly, patiently waiting on Him. But the circus is so boisterous! I find it so difficult to ignore. I am like a child at the circus. I want cotton candy, peanuts, and to watch 100 clowns pile into a tiny car. I tug impatiently at Abba’s hand to come with me. All He wants is my devoted attention.


What is distracting you from hearing God? I challenge you to quiet the circus. Be still and know He is God.






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