What is the new normal?

Often, relatives ask me if Houston has recovered from Harvey. My response is to explain that from the outside we may look like we’re back to normal, but inside is a different story. Although some areas still have debris needing pickup, many places have been restored on the exterior. The interior is another story. My neighborhood friends whose homes flooded are still repairing, replacing, renewing areas inside their domiciles. Some still do not live in their houses. Many businesses have not reopened. What is the new normal?

Originally, many offered help. People came from across the United States to assist. Human kindness at its best. Since Harvey hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico have been sucker punched by storms. The helpers followed the urgent need. I completely understand. It’s natural to plug the biggest hole and move on to the next biggest hole. Thankfully, Jesus doesn’t stop when the exterior is polished. He continues on the project to work on the interior, the heart, the closets we have locked. He restores completely in a way only He can. It is difficult to understand why things sometimes have to be so challenging, but know that we can persevere with Jesus on our team. AND our experience gives us the ability to help someone else! (I feel like a cheesy cliché goes here!) Just know this: prayer works, Jesus hears you and knows your pain and struggles, you will get through this strange season of new normal. It may not be fun, but we are survivors! 


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