Photo by Ali Khalil on Pexels.com

Just for the one…

I may not make a huge impact on a global scale. I don’t have a huge social media following. What I do have, is a heart for Jesus. I am not a biblical scholar or a trained teacher, but when God nudges me to act, I want to be obedient even if it is just for the one. If one person benefits from what I am doing, it is worth doing. 

Think of this: if each person on the planet did one good deed for one other person, it would have a global impact. 

In Matthew 18, Jesus compare a shepherd looking for one lost sheep to how the Father loves each of us. He is willing to search as long as it takes for the lost one and bring it home. Just for the one…

Father, renew our attitude toward others. May we see each person as You see them. May we grant them grace as You have granted grace to us.


Matthew 18:12-14 (TPT) “Think of it this way: If a man owns a hundred sheep and one lamb wanders away and is lost, won’t he leave the ninety-nine grazing the hillside and thoroughly search for the one lost lamb? And if he finds his lost lamb, he rejoices over it, more than over the ninety-nine that never went astray. Now you should understand that it is never the desire of your heavenly Father that a single one of these little ones should be lost.”

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