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Flying the Coop

Recently, a bit of revelation struck me that amounts to a valuable key — a key that opens some personal cages.  The link to this key is found in Matthew 10, verse 16:  “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”  Although being wise somehow seems, at least to my far-too-human brain, to be somewhat the opposite of innocence, wisdom and innocence are actually an extremely powerful combination.   I was considering the implication of this Scripture in the context of relationships and personal wholeness, and I understood that Jesus was admonishing us to be smart enough NOT to take the bait and fall into the trap set by the “wolves” in our lives.  While people are not my enemy, the enemy of my soul can use people to push my emotional buttons and drop me into a pit of despair.  The key is to be wise enough to discern the bait and refuse it.  Sometimes words can serve as a verbal snare to put me in an emotional prison of rejection, inadequacy, or despair.  However, if I refuse to take the bait, I avoid the trap — and I fly free.  The word “innocent” means “free from sin or guilt.”   Free!  That means that, if I avoid swallowing the lies of the enemy and refuse to respond to his bait, I am innocent as a dove and free to fly the coop (the trap he wants to use to imprison me).  Somehow, this simple verse took on new meaning for me in terms of walking free from incorrect lines of thinking and unhealthy patterns in relationships.   “Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” now translates to “don’t take the bait — fly the coop!” 

Father, help me by Your Spirit to discern where the enemy has set bait to entrap me; I long for Your wisdom to direct me.   Then I will be innocent as a dove and fly free of his clutches.   Help me to fly away from every coop!